Mixtape Media 2.0!

Hello! Its been a minute, but Mixtape Media is back!

After multiple bouts of illness (thanks, kids), some technical hurdles to overcome, and a new DAW to learn, MTMDA.com has now fully updated and overhauled it's current library! We have invested in some modern software and re-mixed and mastered everything, and the result is the 2.0 range!

Have no fear - this leap upwards in quality will not apply to our previous instrumentals alone, as all future creations will utilise the same levelled-up techniques and technology, to bring you the best that we can do!

Be sure to visit MTMDA.com to check out the new versions of our beats, keep an eye/ear out for the coming promo videos on our social media -(https://www.tiktok.com/@mixtape.media.mtmda.com ) and if you'd like to support the Mixtape Media community and brand, please Like, Share and Subscribe to help us grow!

Thank you, and have an awesome day

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