Hello, everybody!

Mixtape Media is extremely pleased to be able to tell you all, - we now have a community on Reddit! What's more, as we are based in Cardiff/Wales, this community is going to focus on Welsh or Wales-based creative talent!

The goal is to develop a place where people can introduce themselves, link/display their work, and find work with each other. This way, we form a kind of "local economy", where any services/money made is kept, where possible, within Wales, and among it's creators.

For example, if you are a musician, you may need someone who can make fun and interesting visual art (we have already met some talented people!) so that you have a more complete and professional looking package/release. And if like a lot of new and aspiring creatives you are not in a position to pay, why not work out a deal!? Instead of cash, why not offer full credit and promotion attached to your work/site so that you can share views? Or your own original music so that the visual artist has a soundtrack for their own work?

Mixtape Media very much encourages the exchange of services for services! When all is said and done, we just want a place where we can all benefit and come up together.

Thank you

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