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Cassette Tapes
About Mixtape Media

Mixtape Media is a small business that provides exciting, stand-out music production for use in professional projects including releases by Musical Artists, Video Games, Marketing, Social Media and everything in-between.

Whether you are an artist, in TV & Film, Video Games, or Social Media & marketing, your content is not complete until it has the right, recognisable sound.

Mixtape Media will work alongside you to maximise your vision, solidify your presence and find your creation the attention it deserves.

Put yourself in the Spotlight with Mixtape Media.



Mixtape Media is based in Cardiff, Wales, UK! Local to Wales? Want us to be your Music Producer, Mix Engineer or Illustrator? Make direct contact at our social media below!

Licence Info
Currently, all of our Licenses are 6 Month, UNLIMITED USE!
  • Why is this better than a 1000/10000 Streams/DLs licence? - This means no burning through the licence you just bought in a week if your song blows up!
  • No unprofessional gaps in your tracks availability because your licence unexpectedly expired! You have 6 MONTHS! 
  • Nobody standing over you, monitoring your Streams/DLs - WE WANT YOU TO BE SUCCESSFUL!
  • If our licences or prices don't work for you, REACH OUT TO US! We are happy to negotiate reasonably :)
Contact Mixtape Media/ directly through our linked Facebook and TikTok pages, thank you!
We are also on freelance sites like Twine FM!
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